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  • What type of central line do you use at your center for patients with newly diagnosed ALL starting induction therapy? Does it differ based on specific diagnosis (SR vs HR B-ALL, T-ALL, etc)? If you are NOT placing ports at the start of induction, is ...

  • In this paper, they report a family with BAP1-cancer predisposition syndrome due to a 151kb deletion at chromosome 3p21.1 involving the entire BAP1 gene. A 66-year-old female presented with a personal history of left choroidal melanoma, cutaneous ...

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    Hi, Me again with platelet problems. I have a 4 week old with fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia and in-utero ICH (Mother is Hpa-1a negative and has antibodies against Hpa-1a antigen in her plasma-baby specimen is being tested as well in the ...


  • Understand Imposter Syndrome at ASPHO Webinar

    Register for the ASPHO Webinar, How to Identify and Overcome Imposter Syndrome' taking place Wednesday, October 19 at 3pm CT. Understand the nuances and learn practical strategies to manage and minimize the effects of Imposter Syndrome. Bring your questions ... more

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