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  • Greetings. This protocol has been around for a while .. but, in my opinion, it is a very bad idea, for a number of reasons. 1  DFO has a very short half life,  so most of the high dose DFO is excreted with no iron bound to it.  this is the limiting ...

  • I was consulted on twin babies this week who have Glycogen Storage Disease type 1b and are being evaluated for liver transplant.  They have both had neutropenia intermittently and now have decent ANCs on modest filgrastim doses.  They have not had major ...

  • We have also used that same above protocol in few teenagers who were very non-compliant and had high iron overload, but we did it in the hospital setting. It worked very well with no complications. With the better tolerance of Deferasirox, and its better ...


  • The 2024 ASPHO Call for Workshops is Open

    Share your research at #ASPHO2024! Submit a workshop for presentation at the 2024 ASPHO Conference, April 3-6 in Seattle, WA, by Thursday, July 27, 3:00 PM CT. more

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